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This is a pre-designed Website Template. You simply download, add & edit your content and your website is ready. A HTML editor or text editor is required to modify these files.

All free website templates / web templates provided on this website are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. They are free to use for both commercial and noncommercial purposes.

You have practiced web designing and now you feel a designer among designers. Congratulations. Make the best out of your nice web designs. You can become rich if you jealously maintain your website. You can furnish your website and be a designer expert.

Improve your HTML skills. Read as many web design resources as possible. Be a member of courses that are offered over the internet. Interact with other web designers that you may know. They say no man is an island. You will exchange ideas as you benefit from the same. Your prime knowledge of HTML will warrant you to improve on your site.

Organize your web design.  Before improving your web design, ensure you have its sample. This is like a draft. You will make the necessary modifications. This saves time that would have otherwise been wasted in creating and destroying new web deigns. It gives you a projected overview. You therefore contemplate on making better designs.

Ensure the subject matter is relevant. It gives an overall picture of what your website design is all. It markets your online commercial activities. Go for a serious content. Use very simple language. Choice of diction should reflect the audience. Avoid complex sentences. They confuse the reader. Emphasize the key topics and subtopics. The subject matter on all pages should be cohesive. The audience gets what you offer directly. Your site is unified as a whole. Ensure the writings are legible. The print color should contrast the background one. Dark colored print must be on a light background. This increases visibility. Your client will not strain so much. The fonts must be big for easy readability.  Never use capital letters for emphasis. They give scaring effect. You do not intend to frighten your clients. Emphasis can be done in boldface or using the italics. You can also underline the subtopics. With this, you have the full attention of visitors. Your website design becomes their favorite.

Internet business clients are busy people. Attract them to your site. Ensure your website design is easy to browse. Do not overcrowd items like the icons and images. They clutter and slow the speed of browsing. Anything you upload must be sensible. They must have utility value.. Do not pile images, icons, or video to increase the theme. They must relate the overall subject matter. If not, you will be wasting your web page and the memory.

Remove or fix obsolete links. They may be functioning no more. Your clients will form negative opinions over you. They will term you as incompetent. Update regularly all the links you use. They should give recent information. As a designer, you will be very competitive and reliable. Other designers might come to you for information. Get rid of quantitative documents. They become junk thereby slowing the browsing rate. You can transfer them to the recycle bin. Totally delete the useless documents.

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