Archive: April, 2011

The Interactive First Step in Website Development

Web development is an involving process, and this creates the need to come up with a plan before the start of anything. In all web development projects, the first step is always planning. It is the step that sits all the team players together, so that goals can be set, objectives can be outlined, and […]

The Niche Factor in Web Development

Before a website is developed, there are many considerations that need to be made. These usually affect the whole development process, depending on the gravity of the decision made. In most cases, these considerations include the number of pages needed, the number of applications supported, the complexity of the graphics detail, the kind of navigation […]

Web Development Questions Answered

Web development encompasses all the activities that surround the creation of a website. It is an interactive process whose success is dependent on the skill set of the developer. When a website is being set up, there is an initial planning process that enlists everything that is going to be done. The step following is […]

Working Freelance in Web Development

Website development has grown very rapidly as an industry especially in the last couple of years where websites have been created for all kinds of reasons. This growth spurt in websites has lead to increased web jobs, and web development is one of them. Owing to the growing technologies in the industry, it is becoming […]

Increasing website speed- Webmasters Guide

A successful site is the pride of any webmaster. There are many factors that are considered before a site is considered as successful, when the number of visitors only is not the only variable being prioritized. The layout of the website carries a lot of weight as well as the nature of the material posted. […]

Increasing Traffic to a Site

Besides making sure that a site is maintained, a webmaster has other things that they are responsible for. They have to ensure that the website is marketed, so as to attract a maximum number of visitors. The first part of this is of course to make sure the site can handle it. The server has […]

Finding a Good Reliable Host

It might not be obvious at first, but just how good a site is in terms of its software and hardware support is credited to the webmaster. This is especially so if the site picks up, and does not experience problems or hitches of any kind. It’s not an easy task, and that’s why a […]

Essence of Creating Good Web Layout

When a webmaster undertakes the project of creating a website, regardless to its size, there are certain things that they have to make sure of. For instance, they have to make sure that the design of the website is in line with the wishes of the client. Admittedly, there is some difficulty experience with this […]

Who does the webmaster work with?

While there are many different definitions of a webmaster, the one that seems to draw the greatest unison percentage, is that a webmaster is the person in charge of maintaining a website. They carry out continuous monitoring of the website, ensure that the hardware and software are working properly, update the pages by adding pages, […]

What Every Site Built Should Have

People have websites created for all kinds of reasons. But before even starting the process, it first has to be established why the site is built. This is the first thing that every site should have- a purpose for its creation. If the site is to fulfil a personal fantasy of having a website representing […]