Archive: May, 2011

Starting Your Own Web Development Business

A lot of possibilities exist with the internet and making money through it or from it is only as easy as your imagination makes it to be. When you understand your way around the technical parts of a website- like how content is coded, how applications are made, how images are edited and how scripting […]

The Essence of Having the Right Domain Name

In establishing a website, most people engage too deeply in the specifics of the sites, and forget to give consideration to the obvious. While the effort of trying to figure out the best kind of layout or the best kind of colors to use for your site is admirable, it should not make you overlook […]

The Industry That Is Web Development

Web development is a necessary part in website creation. It is arguably the biggest one, considering that it incorporates all the other areas, like web design, content development and management, and to some extent, programming and web engineering. Web developers undergo different kinds of programming courses, and so long as they satisfy the requirements that […]