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Writing with Search Engine Optimization

Many writers and webpage owners’ view search engine optimization as a means to attract readers and viewers to their sites. However, if it is not done correctly, it can lead to problems. It is well known that people rarely venture past the first page or two of a search result. Effective use of search engine […]

SEO: White hat search engine optimization

White hat search engine optimization techniques are done within the guidelines of search engines and do not violate any rules. Effective search engine optimization is friendly and increases the chances of your website or webpage ranking high in search results. These guidelines include: 1. Relevant keywords: The use of relevant keywords in a manner that […]

Increasing website speed- Webmasters Guide

A successful site is the pride of any webmaster. There are many factors that are considered before a site is considered as successful, when the number of visitors only is not the only variable being prioritized. The layout of the website carries a lot of weight as well as the nature of the material posted. […]

Increasing Traffic to a Site

Besides making sure that a site is maintained, a webmaster has other things that they are responsible for. They have to ensure that the website is marketed, so as to attract a maximum number of visitors. The first part of this is of course to make sure the site can handle it. The server has […]

Finding a Good Reliable Host

It might not be obvious at first, but just how good a site is in terms of its software and hardware support is credited to the webmaster. This is especially so if the site picks up, and does not experience problems or hitches of any kind. It’s not an easy task, and that’s why a […]

Web Development and What It Means

Visiting a website is a fun experience, especially if the site has a lot of visual appeal, and useful information. What doesn’t strike a visitor though, is the trouble gone through to ensure the site is up and running and without any kind of hitches whatsoever. This is a task awarded to a web developer. […]