The Essence of Having the Right Domain Name

In establishing a website, most people engage too deeply in the specifics of the sites, and forget to give consideration to the obvious. While the effort of trying to figure out the best kind of layout or the best kind of colors to use for your site is admirable, it should not make you overlook the importance of choosing the right domain name. No matter how involving the process of web development is, it should not make you forget about picking out a name to identify your site. As a matter of fact, it should be the first thing that you do. Websites are being developed faster than you can be able to keep up and domain names are being taken up. If you delay till your website is ready before your register your domain, then you might have a problem when you find that it is already gone.


Having the right domain name can make or break your site- that’s how important it is. You cannot let thousands of dollars of investing to make up an admirable site, with a lot of informative content that is just as interesting go down the drain simply because you did not give thought to the domain name that you choose. There are different criteria you can use to create the right name, but the most obvious way around it is to use the name of your company. If it is highly unique, then you should find that it has not been taken up. Should you find that it has, try adding a location to it, as this makes it more precise. Needless to say, the location should be the same one where you operate the company/business from, to avoid confusing the visitors that eventually come to your site.


Register your domain name with a dot com suffix. It is the one most people find easiest and most convenient to remember. Whenever possible register the domain names with other different suffixes, such as dot net, to ensure a competitor does not get traffic that is meant for your site. If your domain name is in plural, buy the singular form of it as well, so that it is not acquired by another competitor, who can use it to get traffic from you. Avoid long domain names as these are hard to remember. The shorter it is the better. Hyphens are undesired, as most internet users forget to include them in their search, and this might reduce the cumulative number of visits you get on your site. Domain names that are catchy are preferred, since they always stick with internet users.


When you want your website developed, the first step should be registering your domain name. Do not register the first name that comes to your mind, until you are completely convinced that it relates to the kind of purpose that you are setting your website up for. If you get stuck, you can always seek some creativity help from the web developer you get to work on your website.

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