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Internet marketing is not as simple as it sounds and many webmasters; new and experienced, know this only too well. Internet marketing structure is more than just physical things that make up internet marketing. When people talk of marketing theory, they rarely remember that it is just a theory. In internet marketing, it is seldom about the documented tips that most gurus will give. After all, if they gave you the practical tips, you would be a strong competitor and it wouldn’t be good for their business.

The internet marketing structure comprises practical workable ideas which include long and short term strategies of marketing along with traffic analysis and indirect branding. Understanding this basic outline of the internet marketing structure will make you give the gurus a run for their money.

Short term online marketing strategies involve the pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements while long term strategies involve search engine optimization. The two strategies intertwine and as your site grows in quality, you gradually move from short term strategies to the long term ones, increase the quality of your traffic and decrease the cost.

The short term strategies like the pay-per-click programs are advantageous but they also have their limitations. They are able to draw to draw traffic to your site much faster but they are costly and the quality of the traffic is very low because visitors are viewing the advertisements to get money.  In order to effectively use PPC, concentrate on Google Adwords and Overture because they will give you high quality traffic. Also, work with many keywords in order to determine the ones with the best paying customers. Proceed to do away with ads that do not have paying customers so as to increase your return on investment.

The long term strategy involves search engine optimization. Even though it is not a simple process, it generates free traffic. It involves keyword research to improve your article rankings in the major search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. The keyword research should be focused on the prospective buyers in order to determine which keywords will give the highest conversion rates.

Wordtracker is a very important tool in SEO and the secret weapon of successful sites.  It is able to conduct a search of the queries that are being searched for and the frequency with which the queries are searched. You can then use the frequent keywords with nominal competition to formulate your ideas. The traffic gained from these keywords will definitely have good conversion rates. You can also consider using Overture but it is not as accurate as Wordtracker.

When it comes to branding, it is applied differently from the physical world. Due to the huge internet market, branding efforts may not pay off. Instead, branding is more a by-product of your marketing than the primary objective. You would rather focus on indirect branding which involves bettering your site to rise to the top of your niche and dominate the prospective keywords. Once you do this, you will establish a loyal base of customers your brand will be established.

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