Creative ways to get a huge number of free links to point at your blog

In the world of online marketing, link building is a very important aspect as it determines the success of a website in one way or the other. They are extremely important in attracting quality and targeted traffic to a site and they also contribute greatly to search engine optimization. There are many methods you can utilize to create links to your website most of which will cost you nothing more than just creativity and a bit of your time.

The type and quality of links will almost always determine the ranking of a site in search engines and as such, it is important to have a reasonable number of links that direct to your site. However, the experienced webmasters will tell you that not all links will do.  One way links are regarded more important than reciprocal links by search engines as are relevant keyword rich links. This leads to the conclusion that the quality of your links can very well determine how successful your site will become albeit indirectly. This text will highlight three important ways in which you can build quality one way links.

The first method is the Attack Hook Link Generation Strategy. It has gained popularity over time and is one of the most effective ways of generating quality links. It involves participating in a major conversation happening in a blogosphere in your niche. You look at the posts and comments that are posted in popular blogs and forums. You then analyze the subject under discussion, the comments of the main bloggers and the different perspectives of the subject making sure you have understood fully. After this, you attack the main blogger’s argument and present the bloggers with a new perspective of the subject that had not been discussed. This will no doubt attract a lot of attention and high quality traffic links alongside.

The resource hook link generation strategy is another way of creating quality links. Again, you need to familiarize yourself with the main subjects of discussion in your blogosphere. Once you have identified and gained an in-depth understanding of the major subjects of discussion,   proceed to look for references or resources that could be of use to the bloggers. The bloggers will definitely link to resources that would add value their posts and blog contents adding to your quality links. In this method, a thorough understanding of the subject under debate is imperative.

The third way is called the Humor Hook Link Generation Strategy. This method utilizes humor to create quality links. In a world where everything moves so fast and where people are increasing becoming prone to threats, stress and dangers, everyone needs a good laugh and no one would fail to appreciate good humor. It is no wonder stand up comedians are some of the world’s high income earners and they never fall short of people to entertain. Very few bloggers will pass the opportunity of a quick link to a good laugh especially at such a time when the internet is short of good humor. This could pull lots of quality traffic your way.

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