Directory Submission Strategies

Many online marketers believe that directories have no value in search engine optimization. However, contrary to popular belief, listings in high quality directories are an excellent source of back links. Even though directory submission is a tiresome and lengthy process, it can contribute substantially to the traffic in your website. Here are some strategies that you can consider the next time you are doing directory submission.

The first thing you will need to do is research for an appropriate directory. Your chosen directory should have categories that will accommodate your domain or sites. Manual submission is better than automatic submission because it allows you the time to reflect and consider the categories appropriate for your site. This enables you to structure your description in such a way that it is accurate and concurs with the description of your directory.

Describe your website in the best way possible in each category of your directory. Your keywords should reflect a well thought out and original description of your website after studying it thoroughly. Try not to repeat keywords in the description and avoid stuffing it with keywords. After all, you do not want your description to come across as substandard in the eyes of the editors and the owner. In case your chosen directory lacks your desired category, you can suggest it to the owner or better still choose another directory.

To make work easier, you can write varied description and save them in a .txt file for later remission. Every directory is specific in terms of the description length required and as such, you should be ready to submit the required length to your chosen directory. Make sure your description lists in details all the activities of your websites or the services offered and the target audience if any. Your selling proposition should be unique and stand out from the rest of the descriptions of a similar nature.

If it is within your means and budget, you can consider using paid or premium directory listings. The premium listings are much faster than the free listings. Free listings will take about four weeks before your site can be listed and usually, it is not guaranteed. Since most search engines will measure the popularity of your link by how fast it appears in a directory, you would rather invest in a paid directory and take advantage of it. Once you have submitted your link, allow the directory sufficient time for example four weeks and then check manually to see if it has been listed. If not, you can submit the link again. If the listing does not occur after waiting for some time, you can contact the directory owner to find out the reason why it has not been listed.  You can then revise your description according to the directory’s specification and resubmit it. Ensure that you keep track of submission and resubmission dates and any other relevant information such as categories, titles and descriptions. Also, when submitting descriptions; give your domain instead of the page. Not all traffic is beneficial to your site and you would rather have quality traffic.

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