Do email advertising safe lists work anymore?

Email advertising has been one of the most popular tools of online marketers. It has been used widely to drive traffic to sites and for a while, it was every webmaster’s trick. Recently however, there has been a growing debate over email delivery. With spam and unsolicited emails becoming the order of the day, ISP service providers have invented powerful filters that sometimes keep even important mail out of our inboxes. The result has been decreased use of the email as a marketing tool with many online marketers believing that any marketing campaign that involves email delivery is just not going to work out. While you would be right to conclude that email delivery as a marketing tool has its limitations and challenges, you wouldn’t be more wrong in concluding that the use of email delivery as a marketing tool is not feasible.

The question of whether RSS feeds are replacing email marketing is a question asked only too frequently. Sure enough, RSS has generated a lot of excitement due to its ability to deliver content right into the computers of users all over the world. It is not subject to spam filters and it is customizable by the consumer so that the information they are receiving is very specific. It could seem like it is very convenient for the average marketer but the ground truth is that RSS feeds cannot replace email marketing. This is because it is very different and reaches out to the customer in a method that is different from email marketing.

There are those who claim that blogs have replaced the use of numerous email newsletters in online marketing. Indeed, it is true that the use of blogs was popularized at a time when the spam crisis was at its peak. Many online marketers chose to run blogs alongside their email newsletters while others deviated totally from the use of email newsletters in favor of blogs. However, just because there are many online marketers who have deferred from email marketing to use of blogs does not mean that blogs have replaced email newsletters. There are yet many more marketers striking the jackpot online with the sole use of email marketing.

Even though RSS feeds have gained their fair share of popularity, opt-in email addresses are still priceless assets to an online marketer. This is because opt-in emails are highly targeted and thus are bound to generate valuable traffic to a website. The only trick used by the webmasters is sending of valuable information with inclusion of highly relevant ads. Usually, the marketer will not try to sell anything through email but just include links that attract traffic to the respective websites. This translates into good conversion rates for the website at the end of the day. Use of email safe lists at important sites like yahoo groups also goes a long way in advertising. Despite the fact that not all sent emails will be read, interesting headings enjoy more readership. This is a strategy that has been utilized by many large corporations. The ultimate truth is that advertising safe lists do work and they can be invaluable.

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