Web Design and SEO

There is an important relationship between web design and search engine optimization. SEO services are responsible for improving the search engine rankings of a website to bring more internet traffic on the website. Whereas a good looking web design grabs the attention of the visitors and keeps them on the webpage to check the content and navigate through different pages. In other words SEO is concerned with the marketing and advertisement of the website letting internet user know about the presence of an online website and driving them to visits the webpages while web design is responsible for the attracting the users once they arrive on the website.

Bounce rate
Bounce rate is an ideal way to measure the quality and effectiveness of your webpage. Google offers bounce rate which explains the single page visits of the landing page of a website. Your target should be to get a low bounce rate of your landing page. A high bounce rate indicates that the content of your landing page is irrelevant to the information mentioned in the ad copy on the search engine. To get a low bounce rate, it is necessary to provide the landing page with the relevant content with the keywords used in the ad copy. If the landing page offers the relevant content, the visitors would not only stay on the webpage for more time but also navigate to other pages to check out the relevant content, hence, the bounce rate of landing page of your website would be very low.

Importance of the homepage
Homepage of a business website plays highly significant role to increase the number of visitors. The content available on the homepage should be in accordance with the search engine ads so that visitors find the content relevant to their search keywords. On the homepage, you need to provide links to additional WebPages so that visitors can click on these links to move to the landing pages of the site. Therefore, a good website design can be very helpful in doing SEO. The features of a good website design include:
• Internal linking structure or navigation
• Folder structure
• URL generation and naming conventions
• Coding and page download time

Web design and SEO work hand in hand
The objective of SEO services is to bring the large numbers of visitors to the homepage of the website. Search engine optimizers use different techniques and methods to advertise the website online. Some of the important methods of SEO include article submissions, blog postings, adding website name to different online directories and maintaining a business blog about the products and services that a business offers. The final product of SEO is to bring users on the website of the business.
Once the visitors open the homepage, the role of SEO ends and the role of web design begin. It is the web design and the high quality of the homepage and other WebPages that compel visitors to stay on the website and navigate through different WebPages.

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